Shadow box
BTC San Diego
Guppy Dolphins
Patches from wespac trip 1960-61
Seafox lighters 1959-60
Cast dolphins
2 dolphins
Seafox painted      plaque
Seafox bronze       plaque    
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SubFlot1 after 1962
By Larry "DOC" Derain            Jan., 2001
New SubRon 3        patch
Sholder patch
Squadron 32
Liberty spring 1960       Wash. state
  SubRon3 list SubRon5 on back
My deploma
My graduation       picture
   Sub school welcome booklet
General Dynamics atomic sub lineup
SubRon3 Plaque.
USS BAYA AGSS 318 Plaque
SubFlot1 plaque
General Dynamics photos 1959
USS Sperry
Lighter 1960
Excape tower New Londen
Wood dolphins
Top----2 3/4  Middle-1 1/2   Bottem-3/4
My jacket when aboard Seafox
Launch tag
Sweat New London              1959
Association patch
Bronze Seafox plaque by David avalable from association SK
Howard Harrison's Sub school picture           1964
My study book   printed 1958
1 of 2 welcome folders used 1959-1962
2 of 2 welcome folders used 1959-1962
front back shot record
Liberty card
Geniva convention
Mail orderly