Qualification Manual - Page 2


1.  Sketches.  Where a sketch is required it will be done neatly in the notebook provided.  All sketches will be complete, accurate, and properly labeled.  A sketch may be copied from the general information book or the ship's master file but from  NO other source.  The system should then be traced out carefully using the sketch as a guide.  A better method of making a sketch is to trace out the system, making the sketch as you go.  The latter method is highly recommended.  Prior to starting a sketch you  should consult the G. I. Book for general information about the system.

2.  Practical knowledge.  After a sketch has been completed and you have become acquainted with the location of all involved equipment, you should then become familiar with the operation of the system by studying the General Information (G.I.) Book, Manufacturer's Instruction Books, Departmental Organizational Manuals, and through instruction by Qualified Men.

3.  PO Examination.  After becoming thoroughly acquainted with a system, request an examination of that system by one of the designated PO's.  The PO will sign the system off when he has determined that you have:

    a.  A correct sketch (if required).

    b.  A working knowledge of the system.

    c.  A knowledge of the location of all related equipment.

A complete list of PO Instructors and Examiners is maintained by the Qualification Chief Petty Officer.

4.  CPO Examination.  You become eligible for a CPO examination upon completion of the requirements of that particular qualification month and after obtaining all necessary PO signatures.  A designated CPO will examine you on all the requirements of the month.

5. Officer Examination.  Upon obtaining a CPO signature you will request, through the qualification CPO, an appointment for an officer's examination.  The officer will examine you on all the requirements of the month.

6.  Qualification Delinquency.  The Qualification CPO will check your qualification progress once a week.  You are delinquent when you fail to complete two signatures a week on the month you are working as determined by the qualification CPO.  Should you be declared delinquent you are:

    a.  Restricted to the limits of the ship and mustered at least twice daily by the duty Chief and

    b.  Must check out with your section leader and the duty Chief when it is required for you to leave the ship for any

If you are delinquent for two consecutive weeks you will be called before the qualification board.  The qualification board may impose further restrictions or recommend your disqualification as the situation requires.

7.  Time Extensions.  Extensions of time are normally granted for the following:

    a.  Mess cooking.  (1 month extension for each 2 months mess cooking.)

    b.  Schools.  (Time in school or on TAD is not counted.)

    c.  Special circumstances.  (As situation dictates.)

8.  Qualification Work Time.  Adequate time will be given to work toward qualification but most of the work will be done on your own time.  Qualification progress is considered to be part of your overall performance of duty and is so considered when assigning semi-annual evaluation marks.

    a.  Qualification Hours;   In Port 0800-1600 Monday thru Friday and 0800 - 1200 Saturday.  At sea 0800-2000.  Delinquents will work on qualifications from 0800-2000 everyday inport and at sea.

9.  General Policy.  Non qualified people will not:

    a.  Play cards.

    b.  Watch movies.

    c.  Read any material other than that required by the ship or what is required for qualification.

    d.  You will not be granted leave.

    e.  You must be one (1) month ahead of your qualification to rate a stand-by, and this must be approved by the
         qualification CPO.

    f.  Delinquents will be given time off to attend Church Services, but must check out with the duty Chief and
        Section Leader.