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     This site is about the United States Submairne Sea Fox (SS402) and her crews.The
Sea Fox was a lady in all respects.  She was well taken care of by her crews and she in turn took care of us.  She was a forgiving lady, a strong lady, a true lady of the sea!
She underwent many changes in appearance and missions.  She was called upon, like so many others in her "family", to protect her country, her crews and our way of life.
When threatened by others, she rose to every expectation with honor, efficiency and pride.  
     She has seen hundreds of men pass through on their way to positions of service and responsibilities to their nation.  Some of these men remainded in the service to provide further service learned while serving on board the Sea Fox.  Many returned to civilian life to excel in their chosen fields.  No matter what their future, when they departed the Sea Fox, they departed better men.  Those of us who had the honor to serve on board the Sea Fox learned lessons that have served us well throughout our lives.  Service on board a United States Submarine can simply be described as an honor!
     This site contains information about the history of the Sea Fox, some photos of her and some of her crews; a "Sailing List" listing  former crewmembers; some submarine poems about the boats and crews; a special section about "Diesel Sunsets"; a links page to many excellent submarine sites that will educate, inform and entertain.  And finally an information page about the 1999 Sea Fox reunion.
     The highlight of any submariner's career is earning his Dolphins.  No greater reward, honor, or sense of pride can surpass earning and wearing the Dolphins.  These men joined an elite group who forever shall be known as "Qualified in Submarines."  Those of us who served on board the Sea Fox hold her in our hearts as a member of our family.  This is not unique to crew membersof the Sea Fox.  All submariners have a special place for that "special" submarine.  
     From Fleet Boats to Guppys to Nuclear Boats, the nation should be eternally grateful for these "Silent Stalkers" of the sea and the men who served on board them.  These men were special, proud, and dedicated men.  They were men with a purpose and a willingness to sacrifice everything.  Most of what was accomplished by the submarine service in World War II has yet to be published, for much remains as silent as those who went down with the 52 boats lost during the war as well as those lost since WWII.  
     From the end of WWII until dthe nuclear boats started coming off the ways and fulfilling their missions, there was a class of submarines known as Guppys.  There were seveal classes and variations of the Guppy Submarine; the Sea Fox was a Guppy IIA.  The Guppys assumed operational responsibilities from the Fleet Boats following WWII.  The Guppys were involved in missions that to this date remain classified.  The Guppys "held the line" during Korea, the Cold War, and Vietnam until the nuclear boats took over.  The Sea Fox was one such submarine.  Now the nuclear boats rule the ocean depths fulfilling additional hazardous missions that, for the most part, remain classified.  
     Whether a Fleet Boat, a Guppy, or a nuclear SSN/SSBN, young men answered the call willingly and eagerly.  These men and their "boats" will never receive the recognition they deserve.  
     To the Sea Fox, her crews, and submarines and crews from every era, thank you for what you have done, what you are doing, and for what will continue to be done in the future.  Our nation may never know of your bravery, sacrifice, and dedication.  However, each of us knows and we proudly share a common bond that is truly unique.
     It is interesting to note that the Sea Fox served for 26 years as a commissioned ship of the U.S. Naval Service (1944-1970) and then served an additional 26 years as a commissioned boat of the Turkish Navy (1970-1996).  That is a total of 52 years of active service!  (The Sea Fox is currently serving the Turkish Navy as a "Charging Boat.)  The number 52 has a very special meaning for our WWII Veterans.
     A special thanks to those that served on board the boats in WWII.  Your sacrifice is not unknown to us.  Additional thanks to those that served on board the Guppys and were such a vital part in our Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam operations; you also proved your value in a very difficult period on our nation's history.  To those of you who have, and are serving, on board the nuclear submarines our future rests on the capabilities of your boats and the abilities of you as individuals.  Thanks to you all!

     To former Sea Fox crewmembers:  If you would like to be included on the "Sailing List" Page, or the Crew Locator Page of the Reunion/Locator Site, please email me at seafox@kc.surewest.net   I'll need your name, years served on board the Sea Fox, rank/rate while on board, current hometown and state, and your Email if you owuld like that posted.  
     If you want to join the Sea Fox Association, go to the Sea Fox Association web site at http://seafoxassoc.homestead.com/index.html  
     This site is dedicated to all men who served on board the USS Sea Fox (SS402), and to all submarine sailors past, present, and future.  Special mention is made on the "Sailing List" page of the five crewmembers who were killed on the island of Guam during WWII.  And of course, to all those who remain on Eternal Patrol from all eras.  "Sailors, Rest Your Oars."  God Bless you and we thank you!
                                George M. Arnold:  Sea Fox - Feb '56 - Oct '58